Hi.  Welcome to my blog.

I’m Timothy Moore and I’ve been a professional programmer for 25 years.  I started programming in 1980 using Fortran and early versions of SAS; started using C in 1983; and I have used C++ almost exclusively since 2000.

I develop software for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools used in the design of integrated circuits.  This is a challenging development area where applications are faced with long run-times and large memory requirements.   I feel that C++ is the perfect language for EDA as it allows for nearly bare-metal efficiency while having a high level of abstraction, generic programming capabilities, and deterministic memory control/deallocation.

Given my experience with C++, I will mostly concentrate my writing on this language but will the occasionally write about assembly language programming, OpenCL, and maybe a few personal posts thrown in for good fun.

I can be found on LinkedIn and on Twitter @TimothyPMoore.  I can be contact at user tim at this domain.


std::cout << "Hello World" << std::endl;

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